On Site Occupational Health X-Rays provides a mobile chest x-ray service all Occupational Health Practitioners countrywide as per legislation for their medicals.

A strategic partnership was developed with Bergman Ross & Partners Radiologists to build and grow our vision together with us.
OSOH is proudly a level 2 BBB EE contributor.

We offer the following:

  • Cost effective service
  • A mobile onsite service. We come to you
  • Minimum loss in work productivity
  • Available throughout South Africa

Traditionally Occupational Health is concerned with

  • How an employee’s health can affect their ability to do the job
  • How work and the working environment can affect an employee’s health.

Working in certain industries can be hazardous to employees and can have a serious health implication especially in lung diseases.

We believe that companies can play a vital role of raising health awareness issues by taking steps to ensure that their employees are regularly screened so that lives may be saved through early detection.

Chest x-rays are an important investigation of the lung and can diagnose a lung condition early especially in the surveillance of dust exposed workers which aids in minimising disease progression.

A chest x-ray also can detect TB which, is the leading cause of death from infectious diseases, and allows for the prevention of spread in the workplace.

Early Detection is your best protection

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